Corsair Distillery is known for big, innovative flavors, and Corsair Brewery continues that tradition with exclusively high gravity beers. We focus on non-traditional grains, smoked malts, barrel aging, historic and ancient recipes, and esoteric beer styles. With the recent launch of Corsair Malt, our in-house malting and smoking facility, we can source locally and shepherd our brews from grain to glass. The Brewery launched in Nashville late 2014 with plans to have limited regional availability in 2015.


Mexican Mole Stout - 10.5% ABV

  • Imperial Stout inspired by Olive & Sinclair Mexican Cinnamon Chili Chocolate bar.

  • Brewed with a blend of peppers and cinnamon then fermented inside a Corsair barrel previously used to age O&S cocoa nibs.

Coffee Doppelbock - 8.0% ABV

  • Doppelbock lagered in a Corsair Gin barrel which was previously used to age Bongo Java Unwashed Sidamo coffee beans.

  • Small portion of barrel aged coffee added back into barrel during lagering.

Sherry Barleywine - 13.0%ABV

  • English Barleywine fermented with Flor Sherry yeast. Aged in a Ryemageddon barrel.

Iced Rye Porter - 12.0% ABV

Smoked rye porter, aged in a Triple Smoke whiskey barrel then freeze-distilled.

Hickory Alt - 8.0% ABV

  • Our take on a German Sticke Altbier brewed with Hickory smoked barley from our own malting and smoking facility at the Bell family farm in Bells Bend TN.

Toasted Quinoa Porter - 7.0% ABV

  • A Brown Porter with toasted quinoa added to the mash bill. Aged in an Oatrage whiskey barrel.

Ancient IPA - 8.0% ABV

  • Light bodies but high gravity IPA brewed with 30% alt wheats (Farro, Kamut and Spelt).

  • Amarillo and Australian Galaxy hops make up the majority of the hop schedule.

English Braggot - 7.0% ABV

  • Brewed with 25% honey and 25% apple cider. Aged in a Ryemageddon barrel.

Viking Ale – 8.4% ABV

  • Brewed with period ingredients from the Viking Age! Juniper Branches in the mash, juniper berries, honey, coriander and heather tips in the boil. Aged in a Corsair Quinoa whiskey barrel with more juniper berries