where can i get corsair beer?

Good question! You cannot get Corsair craft beer anywhere but the Marathon Village Brewstillery. We are a growing production facility that is still experimenting in small batches, so head over to the Taproom for the weekly selection. Stay up to date on our social media for the beer menu. 

Can We bring our kids along? furry kids?

Yes, you can bring your kids! However, you cannot leave your children unattended in the bar or distillery area - duh. Non-alcoholic beverages are for sale at the bar. Each child, non-drinker, under-ager, etc is $2 per person for tours.

Dogs are welcome on our patio areas and cannot be left unattended, so do not plan to bring your dog and tour at the same time. Water bowls are available at the bar. 

do i need a reservation to tour?




do i need to tour in order to taste?



where can i buy your stuff?



can i schedule an event at the distillery?






what do i need to bring to the distillery?



What's with the cats?


Yes, we highly recommend you create a reservation to tour any of our three facilities. On weekends and within busy seasons, we cannot always accommodate walk-in tour groups. Tour reservations, availability, and details can be found under the tours tab. You are not required to pay for the tour until on-site.


No, you are always welcome to join us at the bar where we do tastings of our full line up of spirits from Gin to Hopped Whiskey to Triple Smoke. Looking to grab a cocktail? Head over to one of our Nashville facilities to get some of the cheapest and tastiest craft cocktails in town (not just our opinion.)


We cannot, according to Tennessee and Kentucky state laws, sell to you online. Check out the "In Stores" tab for a state retailer. Retailers sell to distributors, so if you call the provided number they can help you from there. If your state isn't listed it's probably because of your state laws or high tax, so we're sorry, but you'll just have to give our gift shops a visit!

We would love to have you! We can do anything from rehearsal dinners to holiday parties to small get-togethers. Event rentals include the space, bartenders or tour guides, drink specials, and music equipment. Hosting an event in our unique spaces can be done at any three locations, but we need the details. Under the contact page, click the "Book An Event" button. Pricing varies by location, wants/needs, etc. so these details will help us quote your potential event. 

We DO NOT provide private tours or private cocktail classes. We are most importantly a production facility, so this is something we keep to a schedule. Check out the "Events" page for upcoming scheduled events. 


A respectful attitude, cash or card, friends, and a valid ID. Whether you are 21 or 120 years of age, we need to see some valid (non-expired) photo identification if you'd like to consume our spirits. The consumption of spirits under the age of 21 and outside alcohol is strictly prohibited.

We have two cats at our Nashville locations: Pizza and Copper. Our marble-colored girl, Pizza, is located at the Marathon Village Brewstillery, while our handsome, blue-eyed boy, Copper, is at the Wedgewood-Houston Headquarters. We have them for mostly two reasons: mice like grains and people like cats. Our cats are hard workers, keeping our facilities free of vermin, so pet them instead of picking them up while visiting us - they get moody cause...cats.