UPDATED 03/21 3:00 pm CST

We deeply regret to announce that we cannot continue donating our hand sanitizer directly to individuals and are instead working directly with hospitals who need it most. We have limited supplies and have to prioritize those on the front lines.

We have spoken to the leaders of our local and regional hospital systems, and the need for more sanitizer to critical health services is both huge and urgent. We are pushing our production straight to our front line medical community. If they get sick, we’re all in bad shape.

Many distilleries we know are retooling to address individual, business, and community need for hand sterilization. Tennessee and the nation will have better access to this critical item soon. We’re pulling together, folks, and we’ll get through this.

Regards and stay well,
The Corsair Staff

2 weeks ago
@SHPDTN In our response to Dawn, we have already coordinated with multiple organizations and our supply is spoken for. We are sorry that we cannot give this to everyone during this difficult time. Thank you for your service.