Sanitizer LabelCurbside Sanitizer

Near Nashville? You can order hand sanitizer as well as Corsair spirits for curbside pickup here.

Sanitizer Shipping

We are able to ship cases of sanitizer (full cases only).  Order here.

Bulk Sanitizer & Tax Exempt

We offer bulk discounting for multiple cases and bulk containers of sanitizer, and we honor tax-exempt status. If you need to arrange shipping or delivery of pallets, drums (55g) or totes (270g) of sanitizer, or if you are a tax-exempt entity needing to order, please email pickup@corsairartisan.com.

FAQ & Sanitizer Info

  • Corsair is an FDA licensed drug manufacturer (FEI Number: 3010829267) producing 80% ethanol hand sanitizer as an OTC human drug. Our sanitizer is registered with the FDA and labeled under its guidelines.
  • This is a liquid hand rub we are packaging in bulk containers – 1/2 gallon, 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon drums, and 270 gallon totes.
  • Made from beverage alcohol – reprocessed gin and whiskey – the ethanol in our sanitizer has been denatured using denatonium benzoate, the world’s most bitter chemical. Per FDA ruling, we also use small amounts of peroxide and glycerine in our formulation.
  • We are prioritizing the shipment of cases and pallets of sanitizer in bulk to hospitals, government entities, first responders and essential businesses. If you are needing assistance with a bulk order, please email us at pickup@corsairartisan.com.
  • We have curbside pickup available for Nashville and the surrounding area.
  • We are working on shipping of non-bulk quantities and will update our online store when we can ship to individuals.